Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Justice Rising out soon!

The upcoming issue of Justice Rising focuses on "Courts & Corporations v. Our Common Good," and will be out in early March. Following the Citizens United decision, it couldn't be more timely.

Articles examine different aspects of the judiciary's relationship with the corporate elite, including the Supreme Court's role in cementing the false legal doctrine of corporate personhood. How did the hard-won rights of persons get handed over to corporations? Find out here!

The issues also explores how the Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission decision has been the tipping point for building a broad national grassroots movement, community by community, to restore democracy to the people and strip corporations of their rights. 

If you're part of this movement, Justice Rising is information you can use!

If you are planning local actions, starting up a study group on corporate personhood, or planning on talking to legislators about how they can limit the harm of the Citizens United decision, you'll want to order multiple copies of this issue. Call the office at 781-894-1179 or email 

Remember, issues of Justice Rising are also available online  either as complete issues or as single articles--download them to bring with you when you table, demonstrate, or visit elected officials!

For a preview, here's Ruth Caplan's article on the rights of nature--Ruth is a new vice Co-Chair and coordinator of AfD's Defending Water for Life campaign.

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