Wednesday, February 17, 2010

AfD co-chair publish anti-corporate personhood op ed on The Oregonian

The Oregonian, Portland's daily newspaper, published the following op-ed by Afd co-chairs Nancy Price and David Delk in their online edition yesterday:

If you ask someone on the street whether "a corporation is a person," most laugh and say, "no, of course not!" But the Jan. 21 5-4 majority decision of the U.S. Supreme Court found for Citizens United against the Federal Election Commission, and not only expanded the free speech rights of corporations under the First Amendment to spend unlimited money for or against candidates in elections, but in so doing, further entrenched the controversial legal doctrine of "corporate personhood" as the law of the land.

Why is a corporation a person with a voice?

The article continues on the Oregonian site, here.

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