Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Californians: Make your calls for SB810 and single payer health care

The prospects for a national health care bill may be fading with the Republican Senate win in Massachusetts, but California has a chance to institute real health care reform by passing SB 810.

SB 810 would establish the California Healthcare System (CHS), a single-payer health care plan that would provide coverage for which all 37 million Californians would be eligible. This bill would mandate the combining under one administration, the CHS, exciting state-administered health care programs with the privately funded insurance industry, and the state's unisured. The CHS would, on a single-payer basis, negotiate with providers or set fees for health care services and would pay claims for those services.

This bill has broad support from many in the California Senate and Assembly, the California Nurses Association, National Nurses United, the healthcare community, labor groups, the California School Employees Association, medical students and many other groups. California is one of more than half a dozen states where single payer legislation will be considered this year. Let's take the lead on real health care reform, and hope that "as California goes, so goes the nation!"

Please take action today!

SB 810 was first introduced in the 2009 legislative session, but held in the Senate Appropriations Committee and never made it to the Senate floor for a vote and therefore didn't make it to the Assembly for a vote.

Now, on January 21, the Senate Appropriations Committee voted 6 - 3 to pass it to the Senate for a vote. The full Senate is expected to vote no later than Friday, January 29.

Please take the time to call your state Senator and let them know that you support SB 810 because:

  • SB 810 will will establish healthcare for all Californians, and provide health security for California families
  • SB 810 will create thousands of good paying jobs in the state and generate critical revenues for California businesses.
Your State Senator needs to hear from you. And even though you may not be in the district of these following Senators, please call or email their offices and say you are asking for their support as a resident of the state that wants and needs a single-payer health care system for all Californians.

Senator Ron Calderon (Montebello)
Phone: 916-651-4030

Senator Lou Correa (Santa Ana)
Phone: 916-651-4034

Senator Rod Wright (Los Angeles)
Phone: 916-651-4025

You can read an analysis of the bill here:

Corporations make their voices heard by pledging financial support to the candidates they like. And don't forget that the Supreme Court just exponentially increased their influence. We have our voices--use your's today!

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