Tuesday, January 19, 2010

AfD joins Campaign to Legalize Democracy

Alliance for Democracy has joined the coalition Campaign to Legalize Democracy. We are proud to stand with other grassroots and national organizations in the effort to take back constitutional personhood rights from corporations. The campaign has established a website, www.MovetoAmend.org, which will go live when a decision in Citizens United v. FEC is issued by the Supreme Court.

How will the court decide? We don't know--but any decision that validates the sham notion that corporations are, for political purposes, "people" with the same free-speech rights as human beings will cause substantial harm to our already-fragile democracy.

A broad decision, one that in the words of Justice Ginsburg, finds a corporation is, "endowed by its creator with inalienable rights," could overturn both federal and state campaign finance reform laws and increase corporate influence on elections exponentially. Pay to play politics triumphs, and citizens become even more disempowered and cynical.

Watch for a decision as soon as Wednesday, January 20. Check www.MovetoAmend.org for actions, information, and updates. And visit the AfD Corporate Person Home Page for up-to-date:

  • information and links on this case and the issue of corporate personhood<
  • Analysis and observations from the media
  • Videos on the case and implications for democracy

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