Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Actions on behalf of ending corporate personhood

As of this morning, 45,000+ individuals have signed the pledge at MovetoAmend.org, and the site has been updated with more FAQ's, and, most importantly, action items. As a steering committee group, the Alliance is very gratified by this response. If you've signed the pledge--thank you! And most importantly, please take the next step and start speaking out to protect our democracy.

So what can you do? If you're acting alone, a letter to the editor is a good way to share your views with your community. There are tips on the Move to Amend action items page, sample letters from the Alliance here, and talking points here.

Think also about how corporations have affected your community. Was there a time when your town backed off from defending a local ordinance because of the threat of a corporate lawsuit? Has your downtown disappeared because a big-box retailer has undercut local businesses? Making your letter specific to local concerns is a big help in getting it published.

Please send us your letters and we'll post them here for others to read--and thanks for speaking out!

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