Saturday, December 12, 2009

Pictures from "The Water Is Ours Dammit: A Water Justice Art Exhibition"

Pictures of the works featured in the Portland, ME, exhibition, "The Water is Ours Dammit: A Water Justice Exhibition" are online here.

About the show, Defending Water for Life in Maine organizer Emily Posner writes:

Through multiple mediums we can manifest our dreams of what a world of water justice looks like. Defending Water for Life is developing an art exhibition to examine, confront and change the multiple facets of the world water crisis. From pollution to water inequity in the Global South, mega-dams, bottled water and privatization...the global community faces major challenges to meet our planet's water needs. Our first show was in Portland, Maine. Pieces from water struggles throughout the world were displayed. Communities fighting Nestle in Maine, Sacramento, Salida (Colorado), and Florida participated. Art from from Robert Shetterly, Brian Tripp, Natasha Mayers, Jimmy Descantes, Climbing PoeTree, Swoon, Rigo 23, Sarah Sutro, the Beehive Collective, Erin Wilson, Angel Putney, Rick Burns, Cynthia Howard, Aldo and Eric Ruin was also displayed. Our goal is to create an exhibit that can be shown in communities throughout the United States working for water equity.
Emily hopes to bring the show to Boston, as well as Cochabamba, Bolivia.

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