Monday, November 9, 2009

Follow the money, votes, and need on health care reform

A terrific table in the Washington Post tells you who voted for the House reform bill, how much money they get from the health industry, and the percentage of people in their district without health insurance.

Not everyone who picked up bags of cash was a yes vote, and not everyone who has a lot of uninsured constituents approved the bill either. Joe Linus Barton, for instance, a republican from Texas's 6th district, received $2.7 million plus in donations and has 23.3% in the district who lack coverage (several districts have higher percentages of uninsured residents, up to 43% for Texas's 29th district. Even in Massachusetts, where universal mandated coverage with subsidies served as a model for the federal plan, coverage is between 96.3 and 93.2 percent.)

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