Monday, October 19, 2009

Too good to be true? Must be the Yes Men

Yesterday a US Chamber of Commerce spokesman delivered a surprising about-face from the climate-change-denying organization.

"There is only one way to do business and that is to pass a climate bill quickly so this December President Obama can go to Copenhagen and negotiate with a strong position," said the speaker, whose name, given in the release announcing the press conference, was remarkably similar to the official ringleader of the organization, Tom Donohue.

As it happens, the speaker at the podium was one of the Yes Men, a loose-knit gang of impersonators, "who take on big-time criminals in order to publicly humiliate them. Targets are leaders and big corporations who put profits ahead of everything else." (This is from their site, which is worth checking out. They also have a movie in the works.)

Here's the press conference, interrupted in mid-performance by a shill for the real Chamber. If the embedded video won't load here, try this page at the Gawker.

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