Monday, October 5, 2009

Insurance industry whistleblower Wendell Potter to speak at Maine single payer-HR3200 rally

Wendell Potter, the former health-care insurance executive who quit in disgust and now helps the forces of reform, will be a featured speaker at a single payer rally at 12 noon on October 7 at the Kennebec County Court House in Augusta, Maine.

For information, call Will Rice at 207-667-6595

The rally is a protest of Anthem Blue Cross's law suit against the State of Maine's refusal to give Anthem's owner, Wellpoint, a guaranteed 3% minimum profit yearly on its subscribers in the state--a state hit particularly hard by loss of manufacturing jobs and the recent recession. Both both single payer and HR3200/public option advocates are welcome.

Here's an excerpt from the film Sick For Profit, detailing the suit and some of the things Wellpoint, Anthem's owner, needs cash for, such as lobbying, and big-time remuneration for its executives.

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