Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Translations needed: Guardian seeks comments in its interactive guide to the draft Copenhagen climate change document

A 200 page draft global agreement on climate change is under discussion in Bankok this week as officials from 190 countries gather for the last round of UN talks before Copenhagen.

The draft is online at the Guardian website, along with a "beginner's guide" to some of the major sticking points in negotiations between rich and developing/poor countries. The Guardian is also encouraging readers to comment on the draft in a wiki-like project to translate as much of its legalese and diplo-speak into plain English as possible.

The Guardian's post notes that observers are becoming pessimistic about the Copenhagen talks leading to the substantial emissions cuts necessary to forstall environmental disaster. One European official told the Guardian that once offsets, carbon credits, and other "fudges" are factored in, its unlikely that emissions in 2020 will be much lower than what they were in 1990, adding, "That's really scary stuff."

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