Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Push to get Mad Docs on the Daily Show

Facebook's "Call on President Obama to Meet with the Mad As Hell Doctors" group (900+ members) has a new mission: to get the doctors on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. They're asking people to call and/or email the show's producers--calls pack more punch--or contact the show through Facebook. Contact info for the show, many links for the Doctors and a sample letter at the Read more link.

Phone calls:
The Daily Show With Jon Stewart - Comedy Central
604 West 52nd Street, New York NY 10019
Contact Phone: 212-468-1700
Email or

Matt Polidoro, Associate Producer

Josh Lieb, Co-Executive Producer

Kahane Corn, Co-Executive Producer

Facebook stuff:;;

And here's a starter for what to say:


I’m writing to suggest that ‘The Daily Show with Jon Stewart’ host the awesome history-making ‘Mad As Hell Doctors’ and here’s why:

The Mad as Hell Doctors are a small group of heroic Oregon physicians who have decided to revive the all-but-defunct darling of hardcore health care reformers: single-payer medical coverage. The doctors are currently in the middle of a massive cross-country road trip where they will make stops in 24 cities. At each stop they are hosting (peaceful and intelligent) educational Single Payer Town Hall Meetings. They will roll into Washington, DC on September 30 where they hope to meet with President Obama.

In fact, although the doctors have made a formal request to meet with President Obama, he has refused. President Obama’s refusal to meet is not stopping the doctors and the Single Payer supporters!

Recently the White House was so overwhelmed with requests for President Obama to meet with the doctors that the White House contacted the Mad As Hell doctors and asked them to ask their supporters to cease contacting the White House. The doctors refused and let the White House know that the requests will stop when President Obama agrees to meet with them!

See the story here:;

Adam Klugman, Mad As Hell doctors media consultant has created a sophisticated web; Klugman, an advertising industry veteran, coined the name Mad As Hell Doctors -- a moniker the Oregon physicians rejected at first.

When the doctors first heard the group name suggestion they rejected it saying, 'Nah, not us, we're not that mad’ until they realized that they really are!

The Mad as Hell Doctors believe that as doctors, they are the best-positioned people to talk about health care reform since they're the link between the patients and the insurance companies.

The doctors have been blogging from the road and post daily video updates to web sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

The Mad As Hell Doctor videos can be seen on their Youtube channel:;

On Twitter:;

And, the Mad As Hell Doctors were recently featured on the Huffington Post;

Hey, they even have a theme song!;

As you are sure to recognize, the Mad As Hell Doctors would be phenomenal guests on your program!

You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain by having these incredible, history-making, brazen, intelligent, tireless doctors on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart!

To schedule the doctors, please contact:

Gary Jelinek
503-579-2142 /

Your consideration is most appreciated.

Best regards,

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