Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Math meets the calendar, and the right is way off

We are not partisan--both sides feed at the same trough--but here's some faulty thinking popularly associated with one side of the aisle. It always helps your argument to get the math and the dates straight. Hat tip to Colonel Colin J. N. Chauret, USAF Ret., of Texas:

RE: Republican's "Tea Party March"
Reference this weekend's Washington DC "Tea Party March" by Republicans concerned with Obama's deficit spending. What a short memory they have. The 8 years George W. Bush was in office equates to only 3.4% of our nation's history of 232 years, while his deficit spending of $4.9 trillion equates to 46.2% of the total debt when he left office of $10.6 trillion. Where were the Republican's marches then? And, this does not include the $712 billion of TARP money, bank bailout money, Bush signed into legislation the last few days in office, which is now showing up in Obama's deficit spending.

(All numbers can be verified by going to "US National Debt History to the Penny" on the Internet)

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