Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rep. Anthony Weiner on MSNBC

Rep. Weiner renders "Morning Joe" Scarborough speechless by asking what value insurance companies add to health care in America.

Take aways?

First, right now no one party or point of view has the votes to pass any proposal. Which means that now is the time for people to both wonk out--read as much as you can so you can speak clearly to the skeptical and confused--and speak out--to neighbors and Congress.

The second part of the interview is below, discussing Medicare funding (with a break for news in the middle). Medicare going broke? Private health care costs are rising too, and faster. Weiner also mentions the economic benefit, long-term, of providing universal health care.

Scarborough says they'll have Weiner back on Thursday to continue what he says is the clearest statement he's heard so far on expanding Medicare and the public option.

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