Tuesday, August 11, 2009

GANE online--your analysis is welcome!

GANE--the General Agreement on a New Economy--is a document outlining a new model for economic development and analysis that emphasizes full employment, sustainable development, economic equity and community federalism. GANE, a project of the Alliance, has been organized by Ruth Caplan, coordinator of AfD's program on Corporate Globalization and Positive Alternatives.

Community federalism is a systemic approach to development that centers on the local community and builds outward to regional and national levels. Such an approach has become more and more necessary as we face a host of interrelated problems--climate change, off-shoring of jobs, fallout from speculative busts, degradation of the natural and social commons--from pure water to public education.

GANE was developed by the Economics Working Group, while a project of the Tides Foundation. It is the result of a robust discussion among forward thinking economists and policy advocates taking place over several years. And it is a work-in-progress, that depends on its readers to share their ideas.

If it bothers you that in this economic crisis Wall Street is getting bailed out while families and communities are left to fend for themselves, or if you question the veracity of current economic indices as a real reflection of our collective welfare, or if you feel that local communities are getting ignored in economic decision-making, check GANE out. You are asking some of the same questions we are and you may like some of our ideas.

The project website is here: www.greenecon.org. You can read a summary or a the full document, and share your ideas as well. Answers to our economic problems should come out of a broad public dialogue. Join in!

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