Thursday, July 16, 2009

Whip Count--almost-progressives need a push off the fence!

The Congressional Progressive Caucus's whip list for health care reform leaked out--an explainer is here on Joan McCarter's Daily KOS diary. Basically, this is the list of reps who won't back a health care reform bill without a strong public option, and Joan lists the non-negotiables. There are other CPC members who have indicated they might not back a weak bill but haven't firmed up their position, and others who are still undecided or have refused to take the CPC position.

While no one's done a side by side comparison, it's very likely that most of the CPC are also cosponsors of HR 676, and some, such as Reps John Conyers, Eric Massa and Dennis Kucinich, are strong and outspoken proponents of a single payer plan.

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