Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Resources for studying sustainable economics

Re-Imagining Economics is a group of educators and activists seeking to expand popular understanding of how economies actually operate and how to foster more sustainable and socialized economic models. The project includes members of the Alliance's Columbus, OH, group.

Why "re-imagining?" The group's position is that the current definition of economics has collapsed in the face of growing global economic instability and crisis, and environmental degradation. Consequently, they write, "the prevailing model of economics needs to be replaced, not merely fine tuned."

To make that replacement a grassroots project, they've developed a series of single sheet flyers on a range of topics related to the history of money and banking, cooperatives, corporatism, and related topics, which can be read online or downloaded from this section of their website. They're also interested in working with organizations which have similar or related interests. Contact them at

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