Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Help the Mad as Hell Doctors take to the road

A message from Dr. Paul Hochfeld, emergency room physician and producer of the documentary Health, Money and Fear:

Dear Single Payer Supporters:

We’re mad! Aren't you? The Industry is blatantly manipulating public policy for profits. Despite the support of the majority of Americans and the efforts of PNHP, its members, and innumerable national organizations, Congress refuses to consider the only real solution: Single Payer Health Care.

What’s missing? We need a rallying event that both national and local media can easily and eagerly embrace. Enter: the Mad As Hell Doctors road tour.

The vision… Imagine a small group of doctors crossing the country in a wrapped motor home, expressing our outrage in public rallies, making TV/radio appearances, hearing peoples’ stories, uploading video, attracting serious media attention, and pulling into D.C. with a caravan of cars to raise Hell with Congress. We will demand that they put Single Payer Health Care on the table for the Congressional Budget Office evaluate, and put it to a vote.

This is a serious effort. "We" have already put up $15,000 of our own money to cover the cost of phase one, which includes hiring Gary Jelinek (Dennis Kucinich's National 2004 Campaign Organizer) and Adam Klugman (Jack Klugman's son who is a creative media consultant). Phase two is the trip.

If our road trip captures your imagination and you share our anger, we need your help. Not only do we need funding, we need people in communities like yours to help organize/publicize rallies and contact local media prior to our arrival.

Please, share this email with your chapter members. We can bring this vision to life. We can energize the Single Payer movement.

To find out more and support this effort, go to, or call Paul Hochfeld at 541-740-4065. (email:

Best regards and be well. Being otherwise is very expensive.

Oregon PNHP:
Dr. Samuel Metz (Anesthesiology)
Dr. Joe Eusterman, (Retired Primary Care Provider)
Dr. Eugene Uphoff, (Family Medicine)
Dr. Paul Hochfeld, (Emergency Medicine, producer of "Health, Money and Fear")
Dr. Mike Huntington, (Retired Radiation Oncologist, co-convener Oregon PNHP)

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