Thursday, July 2, 2009

Corporation-funded referenda and signature fraud on "Corporations and Democracy"

This Friday on KZYX and Z's "Corporations and Democracy", Annie Esposito and Alliance for Democracy council member Steve Scalmanini will discuss the growing trend of corporation funded initiative campaigns like the one currently underway in Mendocino County (read Steve's article on the campaign here). Was April's signature drive, funded by Developers Diversified Realty of Ohio, fraudulent? Were you misled, or even lied to, to entice you to sign their petition? Are California's voters protected from fraudulent petition circulators? What are some other states doing to prevent fraudulent initiatives? Steve and Annie's guest will be Joel Foster, Deputy Director for Programs at the Ballot Initiative Strategy Center, that sponsors the Web site The show airs this Friday, July 3rd, from 1:00 to 2:00 pm Pacific time, on KZYX and Z - 90.7, 91.5, and 88.1 FM, and streams at


siouxlin said...

I missed this show. Is it taped somewhere and can it be downloaded ?

Alliance for Democracy said...

Hi Siouxlin--I'll check with the producers to see if we can get a copy to post online.