Monday, May 18, 2009

Single Payer Actions target Max and Massachusetts

Thanks to Health Justice's Single Payer Action site for organizing the following:
Fax Max: After ordering the arrest of five more single payer speakers on May 12, Baucus said "I will personally meet with anyone." Single Payer action wants you to take him up on his offer. Send your request for a personal meeting to the Senator's scheduler. This free e-fax also goes to the White House and the Senate Finance and Health Committees. Single Payer Action also suggests holding the meeting "in the National Stadium, where Max can charge admission so he won't have to keep taking insurance money."

Meanwhile, Congressmen John Conyers and Dennis Kucinich are collecting health insurance horror stories, especially from folks in Massachusetts who have already experienced universal mandates. (Stories from the rest of the country are needed too!) Write your story here. It will become a free fax to the White House but will also be used by single payer supporters in Congress to illustrate why the insurance companies do not belong in health care.

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