Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Rep. Conyers calls for your support for HR 676

Video from Progressive Democrats of America.

Building congressional support for HR 676 is "a question of harnessing, motivating, and directing the energies of millions of citizens who are right here, right on time, ready for change," says Rep. John Conyer in the video below. Calls are needed to reps to get them on as HR 676 cosponsors--the count is up to 77 (it was 75 on the day the video was taped, but is up to 77 thanks to the two most recent co-sponsors, Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton of DC and Rep Zoe Lofgren of California. Norton and Lofgren are democrats, as are all the co-sponsors so far; Conyers points out that the bill needs broader support, and the issue itself needs a place at the table.

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