Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Media on single payer

Bit by bit, the media wall shutting out debate on single payer health care is coming down. Here's some links to recently-broadcast shows featuring advocates of a sensible, economical and equitable health care system:

In Maryland, Maryland's WYPR-FM's daily public affairs program, "Midday", hosted Paul Hochfeld, producer of the excellent film "Health, Money and Fear" and Margaret Flowers, one of the Baucus 8 who were arrested at the Senate Finance Committee hearings. If you'd like to listen, follow this link to download a podcast.

Today, Jim Fisher's radio show "Common Health" on WERU-FM community radio in Orland, Maine focused on health care reform and featured Dr. Philip Caper, a Maine health care advocate (and AfD member!) as one of the guests speaking for single payer. The site for the May 20 show is here, and audio of the show should be posted soon.

Lastly, a cartoon by Dan Wasserman in the Boston Globe:

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