Monday, May 18, 2009

Hundredfold Farm, a low-impact co-housing project, is focus of Earth Day broadcast

For the past several years, Alliance for Democracy co-chair Lou Hammann has been one of the organizers of a unique co-housing project in the south central Pennsylvania town of Orrtanna--Hundredfold Farm. The project was recently featured on National Public Radio, as part of their Earth Day coverage. You can access the .mp3 of the show here and hear about Hundredfold Farm (mistakenly referred to as Hunter Fall Farms) in the first third of the show.

You can also visit Hundredfold Farm's website here.

Lou recently told the Alliance council that Hundredfold Farm is quickly becoming the local "go-to" group on environmental and sustainability issues, because of the low-impact design of the housing and their unique wastewater treatment facility, which uses an artificial wetland to purify water on-site, so that it can return to the local aquifer.

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