Thursday, May 14, 2009

"Fresh out of Jail"

An email from Jerry Call, co-founder of Midcoast Health Care Reform/Maine Healthcare Reform. Jerry was one of the protesters arrested on the 12th.

Hello all,

I have to tell you, it's nice to be out of jail. I don't recommend it to anyone! I never appreciated fresh air like I did this evening.

But, it was well worth it. My only regret is that I didn't have the stamina to stay longer. My intent was to stay for a few days, but after 30 hours of standing and laying on a sheet steel mattress and concrete floor, and I don't know how long in leg irons, I'm afraid to say I gave in.

I first want to thank those of you that stood on main street in Rockland on Tues. for me. That was one of the first things I heard after getting out and I have to tell you I went from being in the dumps to being on top of the world. Thank you all!!!

I also want to thank Margaret Flowers, Russell Mokhiber and the other 6 of the "Baucus 8" for leading the way last week and giving me and the other 4 to participate in yesterday's protest. Without their support in getting the press there yesterday it would have been for not.

I plan to be at the planning meeting for the RALLY on Sat. in Augusta, at the Mediation Center [Suite 254, 222 Saint John St, Portland, Maine] from 2-4; look forward to seeing as many as can make it. I still firmly believe that the rally in Maine and the others around the country on the 30th can have a major impact! It is imperative that we go all out to get a huge crowd!!

Will head back home tomorrow morning.

Thanks for all your support,


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