Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Call the media re Senate FinCom arrests

Get the message beyond the choir and show the American people that someone out there is standing up for their interests, even if they're getting hauled off in handcuffs as a result.

ABC News - 212-456-7777 -
CBS News - 212-975-4321 -
CNBC - (201) 735-2622 -
CNN - 404-827-1500 l
MSNBC/NBC - (212) 664-4444 - - -
PBS - 703-739-5000 -

If your local paper still has a Washington bureau, don't forget to call them too. Mention there is going to be a third Finance Committee roundtable on May 14.

Meanwhile, here's some coverage:

  • Snark from the WSJ blogs
  • High dudgeon from Dow Jones--damn those protesters and their sneaky "business casual"!
  • Professional journalism by Arthur Delaney of the Huffington Post
  • California Nurses Association organizer Donna Smith writing on

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