Friday, April 10, 2009

Rally this weekend to break up the banks

Tomorrow, Saturday April 1, A New Way Forward is sponsoring a nationwide day of action to demand that our leaders (1) nationalize (2) reorganize, and (3) decentralize the banks as a first step toward building a more just economy.

On Saturday, come to a rally near you for speeches, street theatre, petition gathering, and phonebanking to Congress. Check this list to see if there's an action in your area:

If you're not near a demonstration, or can't attend, make sure your Senators and Representative know you have taken a stand. Sign a petition at to "Break Up The Banks."

No more bonuses for incompetent, short-sighted management. No more bailouts for the same institutions that drove us into the hardest times we've seen since the Depression. Join a march and demand an economy that serves and sustains all of us, and protects our homes, jobs, health and environment.

Want to know more about what a people-centered economy might look like--and how to organize to build it? Check out the Winter 2009 issue of Justice Rising, Money for People, Not Corporate Plunder, available here.

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