Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A break in the single payer media blackout...

...thanks to a group of belly dancing activists who brought some visibility to this issue at the office of West Virginia Representative Shelley Moore Capito.

"A group of single payer advocates have met with her and her staff recently-and she wouldn't budge," dancer Angela Petry said. "So we though we would have some fun, go and dance in front of her office, and see if we could shake things up a little bit."

The protest, "Shake It Up for Single Payer," was sponsored by Single Payer Action, which has links to coverage, including this video from the local NBC affiliate. The web page with the video also features a poll on single payer, which is currently running 56 to 43% in favor of an HR676 plan--check it out and cast your vote!

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