Saturday, October 11, 2008

Two new Headlines posts to spark a "Commons Conversation"

We've recently posted two articles on the global environment to our Headlines blog. While the past few weeks have seen environmental issues buried beneath an avalanche of market woes, the threats to our climate, to major ecosystems, and to local natural resources are still very real and pressing. For instance, the rhetoric coming out of almost all corners in the presidential campaign claims that natural resources, especially fossil fuels, are there to be exploited for short-term gain, no matter what the long term costs.

One bright spot in all this is Ecuador's decision to grant constitutional rights to nature. Could it happen here? To start, we need to reintroduce the concept of the commons, not as something invariably exploited by greedy individuals but something that we all share in and are a part of, and that we have the forsight, will and capability to protect.

The Alliance's Tapestry of the Common's project is a great way to start the "commons conversation" in your community. The tapestry workshop can be adapted for groups of almost every age and every level of engagement with environmental and social justice issues. Audio thoughts on the commons are also available for radio broadcast. Help a vital concept take root! To find out more, visit the Tapestry web page.

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