Wednesday, September 3, 2008

News from Portland Alliance for Democracy

In September and October, Portland Alliance for Democracy will be showing a series of films on non-violence, and hosting Ohio election expert Richard Hayes Phillips--and co-sponsoring a forum on fair trade--and continuing to campaign for Instant Runoff Voting...oh, and organizing a conference on water.

Here's the details: "Movie Nights" kick off Wednesday, September 10 at 7 p.m. at the Bridgeport United Church of Christ, 621 NE 76th Ave. The series, "A Force More Powerful", focuses on non-violent resistance as one of the most important but least understood means of overcoming oppression and authoritarian rule. The first films look at the life and work of Gandhi, and the sit-ins and boycotts that desegregated downtown Nashville. Future film topics include Yugoslavian resistance to Slobodan Milocevic (Sept. 24), Danish resistance to the Nazis and the Polish Solidarity movement (Oct. 15) and anti-apartheid movement in South Africa and anti-Pinochet organizing in Chile (Oct. 29).

Richard Hayes Phillips will speak Wednesday, September 17, at the First Unitarian Church, Eliot Hall, SW 12th and Salmon Streets, Portland. No one turned away, but a $5-10 donation is appreciated. The church's Democracy Action Group and KBOO community radio(90.7 FM) are co-sponsoring.

Phillips began investigating the Ohio election when he received an e-mail containing obviously erroneous election results from Cleveland. He quickly found that hundred of votes in certain precincts had inexplicably shifted from John Kerry to other presidential candidates. His investigation is detailed in Witness to a Crime: A Citizen's Audit of an American Election..

Next moonth, the Trade Forum will take place on Tuesday, October 14, at 7 p.m. at Portland's First Unitarian Church (note--new date! If you copied the original Sept. 24 date onto your calendar change it now!). Representatives of the Oregon Fair Trade Campaign will discuss past failures of "Free Trade" agreements, examine the Trade Act of 2008, and hopefully get commitments of support for the bill from the two candidates running for Oregon's open Senate seat. Candidates Gordon Smith (R-incumbent) and Jeff Merkley (D) have been invited. Mr. Merkley has accepted and will be present. No word yet from Smith.

Good news, too, on IRV--the chapter's Instant Runoff Voting campaign has commitments from both their state senators and representatives to introduce local option IRV into both legislative chambers when they convene next year.

Lastly, the chapter is planning a water conference for October 17-18 at the First Unitarian Church--details to follow!

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Alliance for Democracy said...

Hi! This is your blog editor. David Delk from the Portland Alliance for Democracy chapter just told me the date for the trade forum is October 14--I've changed the original post but if you've already marked your calendars, scratch out that old date!