Friday, September 26, 2008

Letter to Editor calls on you to speak out now

If you haven't called your legislators about the bailout, here's another voice urging you to do so, before it's too late. The following letter to the editor of the Norman (OK) Transcript is from Alliance for Democracy member Mary Francis:

Thank you for reprinting the editorial by the Chicago Sun-Time, “Protecting without eroding ideals.” Americans want those who profited from reckless finance speculation to pay for cleaning up the mess. At the very least we want re-regulation, oversight and transparency.

We the People have not even been told what the bailout will be used for. Many wonder if our interests are front and center and urge Congress to act with deliberation. This is not a time for panic.

It was heartening to read Senator Reid's statement to his constituents:

"While Senate Democrats know that we must address this crisis, they will not put a quick solution ahead of the right one. Reid is working to protect Nevadans by strengthening oversight so that there will be no blank check signed by Nevada taxpayers."

Any bailout must be structured so that it is transparent, includes checks and balances, requires that those who profited from reckless finance speculation pay for cleaning up the mess and that is part of the development of a new foundation for the American economy.

We have seen the spread of fear and panic before and it has never led to a good end. The military attack on Iraq was caused by a drum beat of war that included a massive misinformation campaign. Similarly, the Patriot Act, which has severely undermined civil liberties was passed without most members of Congress even reading it.

Our U.S. economy definitely needs revitalization. But, a mass bailout of the financial community must include both Congressional and Judicial oversight, as well as punishment of those responsible, while simultaneously creating regulations which provide structure for a new and honest economy.

Americans who want honest governance must insist on re-regulation, oversight and transparency. If there was ever a time to write or phone our Congress critters (Coburn, Cole, Inhofe as well as Pelosi and Reid), the time is now. Find them online at: or ask your local political party.

Mary Francis
Norman, OK

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