Friday, September 26, 2008

California, get Clean!

Here's an alert we're about to send to our members and supporters in California. If you know folks in CA, please forward this post to them and urge they take action too!

AB 583, The California Fair Election Act will be signed into law or vetoed by Governor Schwarzenegger in the next few days. Please take a few moments to contact the Governor's office and tell him to sign the bill.

Under AB 583, and pending passage on the 2010 ballot, Secretary of State candidates would receive full public financing for the 2014 and 2018 races. AB 583 is modeled after longstanding Clean Elections laws in Arizona and Maine. These laws work for voters and candidates alike, improving public service and accountability to constituents.

The California budget crisis is over for now and the Governor has no excuse to sign the bills on his desk.

Clean Money/Clean Elections is a signature Alliance issue starting with Granny D, Ronnie Dugger, Lou and Pat Hammann, and many other Alliance members who participated in Democracy Brigades in the Capitol Rotunda, were arrested, and spoke up in court for the need for public funding for elections. Jo Seidita, a long-time member of the Alliance and former member of the Alliance's national council, helped found the CA Clean Money Campaign and has worked tirelessly over the past years for this victory. Please act now and make the call to the Governor. Here's how:

To register your support, call (916) 445-2841, press 1 for English, press 2 to "Voice your opinion on legislation", press 5 "about AB 583, regarding the Political Reform Act", and finally press 1 to support AB 583.

If the line's busy, keep trying! Every phone call counts!

To send an email, visit

The long-brewing turmoil in Washington, Wall Street, and on many Main Streets underscores the importance of getting big money out of politics. Deregulation was a gift to the financial industry in return for plenty of campaign cash. Clean money is the reform that makes all other reforms possible. Support it here in California by making your call today! Thank you!

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