Thursday, August 21, 2008

Portland AfD organizes to block LNG terminal construction

Portland Alliance for Democracy has asked its members and supporters to call the Director of Oregon Water Resources Department in opposition to Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) terminals in Oregon.

There are many reasons to oppose LNG, from the size of the carbon footprint generated by gas processing and transportation to the effects on shoreline habitat to the impact of pipeline construction. Plus LNG distorts energy priorities, promoting fossil fuels (and the multinationals that profit from their exploitation) when we need to develop the use of renewables, such as solar or wave energy.

Currently, the Oregon Water Resources Department has to issue a permit for LNG terminal operation and docking. Failure to get a permit will stop this project. The Director's Office at WRD is taking names and contact info of those in opposition to LNG terminal construction. Members have called the director's office in Salem--if you're an Oregon resident, join them by dialing the office at 503-986-0910. A decision will be made shortly, so don't put off making this call!

You can also comment online here, to send a email to various elected officials with the "No-LNG" message.

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