Thursday, August 28, 2008

Keeping a sharp eye on the DNC

Justice Rising editor Jim Tarbell has been blogging daily from the DNC in Denver's Pepsi Center. Check out the latest post to learn about the connection between the convention venue and WalMart's not-so-subtle pressure on employees to vote against Obama. Here's some excerpts:

The other night the stairs were jammed and I was stuck with Teresa Heinz and John Kerry. She looked hot and bothered while Kerry was in his element, yucking it up and slapping the backs of every New York and Massachusetts delegate within reach. “Hey! there’s Darth he exclaimed,” leaning way over the railing to shake an outstretched hand. Smiling at the adoring crowd following his every move he continued, “We always called him Darth Vader. Isn’t that right Darth? ” Everyone laughed, even Darth.
Today, Iraq Veterans Against the War lead a march to Pepsi Center in conjunction to a Rage Against the Machine concert. I wonder what John Kerry, a founder of the Viet Nam Veterans Against the War, thinks about the insurgent Iraq Veterans Against the War. I should have asked him.

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