Thursday, July 10, 2008

Impeachment is a Constitutional Imperative – Not a Political Option

Here's a short, sharp, and brilliant letter from activist and AfD member Ron Rattner to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. For whatever reason it wasn't posted to the PDA-San Francisco Yahoo group, so we are sharing it here. Thanks, Ron.

Dear Speaker Pelosi, The public record of brazen Bush administration high crimes and impeachable offenses is overwhelming. Pursuant to your solemn oath and preeminent duty to preserve and protect the Constitution, you must assure that the House acts immediately on pending Bills of Impeachment. Taking impeachment "off the table" is taking the Constitution off the table. You can't do that! Impeachment is not a political option. Impeachment is your Constitutional duty. Your failure to act will render you complicit in the deplorable crimes of this extraordinarily corrupt and dangerous administration. History will forever condemn this administration and those in Congress who facilitate or permit its destruction of our constitutional rule of law.
Ron Rattner, retired attorney 1998 Broadway #1204 San Francisco, CA 94109

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