Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Follow-ups on Ohio lawsuit

If you want to label and dismiss something as a conspiracy theory, an easy way to do it is to ask why, when it's so contrary to human nature to keep secrets, none of the conspirators have "leaked" a bit.

In the case of the 2004 elections, we're beginning to see some new information bubbling to the surface.

As former AfD co-chair Cliff Arnebeck and other voting rights activists move to re-open the King Lincoln Bronzeville suit, attention is again being paid to the question of how to rig a voting machine, and what role either the manufacturers or Republican party bigwigs had in the fix.

At the press conference on the King Lincoln Bronzeville suit, computer security expert Stephen Spoonamore talked about a patch file he received from a Georgia whistle-blower, that when installed on Diebold electronic voting machines in DeKalb and Fulton counties by none other than Diebold CEO Bob Urosevich, threw the senate vote to Republican Saxby Chambliss, over Democratic incumbent Max Cleland. You can read about it on the web at Raw Story or see video here.

More web coverage has focused on the role played by Republican computer expert Mike Connell. In an interview with Velvet Revolution, Bob Fitrakis called Connell "a high IQ Forrest Gump. It's like everything important--2000 election Florida; 2004 Ohio; firewall in Congress--he happens to show up and be the builder of these [im]penetrable forces and also may know who has the key to get in." (A transcription of the interview is available on the BradBlog, here.

More recently, Cliff has said that there are credible threats that Karl Rove will engineer lobby law violations charges against Connell's wife unless he "takes the fall" for irregularities in Ohio, and asked for federal and state protection for the Connells "from this reported attempt to intimidate a witness." Read more on the BradBlog and ePluribus Media, and listen to Cliff, Brad, and radio host Peter B. Collins discuss the case and what's next here.

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