Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Defending Water in Maine fights to keep Nestle out of coastal Maine water

The Alliance’s “Defending Water for Life in Maine” campaign has been holding Nestle at bay in several communities. In south coastal Maine, the Kennebunk/Kennebunkport/ Wells Water District has been considering Nestle’s proposal to buy water out of a local protected aquifer. Public opposition has been building, with a well-attended public meeting in late June, followed a few days later by a rally outside the water district offices when the Trustees were scheduled to vote on the contract.

The rally drew 100 people, and speakers came from other towns fighting Nestle. The Lehrer News Hour covered the event and interviewed Emily Posner, our organizer, for future broadcast. The Trustees feeling the heat voted to postpone their vote to the end of July and to give the public a chance to speak at a public hearing before the vote. Now the communities are organizing to keep the contract from being signed.

The campaign has also been working with citizens in Shapleigh who are organizing to pass a moratorium on water withdrawals to keep Nestle at bay.

The Defending Water in Maine website is a terrific resource to learn more about the fight to keep Maine’s water out of corporate hands. You can see video of recent meetings and learn more about what’s going on across the state. There are talking points for letter-writers, background on Nestle’s ethical track record, links to video of recent public meetings and media coverage, and audio of an interview with campaign coordinator Emily Posner on public radio station WERU-FM.

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