Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Second SPP article up on Progressive Populist site

For a perspective on what the Security and Prosperity Partnership will do to the midwest, see Nancy Price and Ruth Caplan's second article on SPP, up on the Progressive Populist website here.

Entitled, "What Corporate Takeover Means for the Heartland," it focuses on three of the six massive transportation corridors--rail, truck highways, and pipelines--planned to carry imported goods from deepwater ports in Mexico, factory farm products from the Midwest, and water and fuel from Canada.

The corridors have been planned without Congressional oversight or civic input, but with taxpayer money, plus the help of 30 multinationals organized through the North American Competitiveness Council. If completed, the corridors promise more economic and environmental hardship for the American midwest, compounding the agribusiness takeover of family farms and the offshoring of manufacturing jobs

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