Monday, March 24, 2008

Common Cause Ohio criticizes Dispatch's take on Ohio SOS

Sibley Arnebeck, of Common Cause Ohio and the state's Voting Rights Institute, has written a letter criticizing the Columbus Dispatch's coverage and criticism of Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner. Sibley's husband, Cliff, former AfD co-chair and head counsel in Moss v. Bush, brought it to our attention, noting that the Dispatch didn't make any mention of Brunner's upcoming receipt of the JFK Profiles in Courage award, along with California SOS Debra Brown. The two are being recognized for their work to ensure vote accuracy and integrity.

Sibley writes that a recent article in the Dispatch criticized Brunner for not reappointing certain officials, including the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections and chairman of the Ohio Republican Party, Robert T. Bennett, who is "notorious for his role in the Ohio election of 2004, where voter suppression and voting anomalies were evidence of a strong partisan interference to sway the vote...[Brunner] won her office on the promise to restore free, fair and open elections to Ohio after the well-documented disaster left by her Republican predecessor, J. Kenneth Blackwell...She has gone about her task in a methodical and effective manner, with good humor and integrity. She deserves all of our congratulations for, as she said, getting Ohio's elections out of intensive care."

You can read the whole letter here.

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