Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Mendocino AfD helps the community “get a grip”

Frances Moore Lappé, author of Diet For A Small Planet and 15 other books, will talk about her newest, Getting a Grip: Clarity, Creativity & Courage in a World Gone Mad, and will answer questions at Fort Bragg's Town Hall on First Friday, March 7th, at 7pm.

Lappe’s latest book is an examination of how we think, speak, and “do” democracy, and how we can move from a “thin democracy” of only periodic elections and market-driven policy, to putting power back in the hands of engaged, activist, and problem-solving communities. She sets out a practical and accessible framework for thinking about citizenship, community, and power. Author Barbara Kingsolver wrote, "Getting a Grip is not an ordinary book: it's more like a new pair of glasses, allowing you to see everything around you with greater clarity. Suddenly the world is more comprehensible, more manageable, even more beautiful. You won't want to take them off."

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