Wednesday, January 16, 2008

With April 15 on the way, a tax resistance boycott of the war

With the new year, it’s not too soon to start thinking about your taxes and whether you should pay them. To give taxpayers an alternative to writing a check to fund the war, a coalition of groups has come together to use a "Tax Boycott" to end the war in Iraq.

The 2008 War Tax Boycott allows you to participate in several ways. You can pledge to withhold 7% of your federal income tax if 100,000 other taxpayers join you. Or you can pledge regardless of how many people participate in the boycott. Organizers estimate that 7% of your tax bill funds the war in Iraq. Currently 51% of your taxes cover the annual defense bill and you can also pledge to withhold that amount. You can also donate to support the boycott.

Organizers ask that if you hold back a portion of your tax bill, you donate that to a project providing health care to Iraqi refugees in Jordan and Syria, a health care center in New Orleans (providing care to survivors of Katrina) or a humanitarian project of your own choosing. Find out more at

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