Thursday, January 17, 2008

Washington State impeachment hearings

AfD council member Kyle Taylor Lucas forwarded the following from Washington state. Click on the "Read More" tab for a press release from Washington For Impeachment and a link to the Postman blog entry Kyle mentions:

Dear Activists, Hooray! Two impeachment bills are moving in both houses of the state legislature and need your immediate support at a hearing on Thursday and in writing:

Sen. Omeg has re-introduced his impeachment legislation, SJM 8016. Please show up for its hearing this Thursday, January 17 at 3:30 in Rm. 2 of the Cherberg Bldg. on the Capitol campus. Also, please send him an email to thank him, whether you show up to support in person or not. And tell your family and friends, and post widely to blogs (if you need a reason, at the bottom of this email--I've pasted a story by the idiot political reporter, David Postman of the Seattle Times, to give you a flavor of MSM coverage to expect). Postman conveniently omits the fact that last year's bill just missed cutoff so didn't make it out of committee. And of course he references the spineless Democrats who failed to support Oemig. Follow this link to see a direct email link to email Sen. Oemig, a rare hero in the legislature:

Rep. Maralyn Chase, 32nd Leg. District, has introduced HJM 4027 to impeach and it will be available online tomorrow (16th). Please follow this legislation and offer your thanks and support to her via email right away at:

Also, following is a fine press release by Linda Boyd, Washington for Impeachment, who has been tireless in keeping the impeachment movement alive.

Impeachment in Washington State House as Well as Senate: A DOUBLE HEADER IN WASHINGTON STATE!
By Linda Boyd,

Washington For Impeachment is delighted to announce that Representative Maralyn
Chase will introduce a bill calling for the impeachment of George Bush and Dick
Cheney in the Washington State House of Representatives. The full text of House
Joint Memorial 4027 will be accessible online on January 16th on the House
website: Access Washington.

Representative Chase should be commended for her response to a resolution
supporting impeachment from her legislative district. She works with the full
support of her constituents.


The public hearing for State Senator Eric Oemig's bill, SJM 8016 is scheduled
for this Thursday, January 17, 3:30 p.m., Rm 2 of the Cherberg Bldg. on the
State Capitol Campus in Olympia.

SJM 8016-2007-08, updated by Senator Oemig, calls on Congress to conduct a full
investigation and trial for the President and Vice President. The bill, first
introduced Feb. 15, 2007, was heard before the Senate Government, Operations and
Elections Committee on March 31, 2007, with over 500 impeachment supporters at
the capitol that day.

In a vast improvement over last year, Senator Oemig's Bill to impeach Bush and
Cheney will be heard in the Senate Government Operations and Elections Committee
in the first week of the session. Last year, the bill was heard one day after
the cutoff date, and didn't move out of committee.

Momentum for impeachment in Washington State continues to expand with public
disclosures of destruction of torture tapes, intelligence from the NIE reporting
that Iran does not possess nuclear weapons, and continued belligerence towards
Iran. More that 1,200 protesters turned out in downtown Bellevue in August to
protest George Bush's visit.

Washington For Impeachment, Citizens to Impeach Bush and Cheney, and a broad
coalition of citizen's groups are working closely to achieve a significant
victory for democracy.

Please thank Rep. Maralyn Chase for her committment to her constituents and the
rule of law! Please send a postcard to:
433 John L. O'Brien Building PO Box 40600 Olympia, WA 98504-0600

Please also send a postcard to thank Senator Oemig: 416 Legislative Building PO
Box 40445 Olympia, WA 98504-0445 .

If you are unable to attend the hearing, please send written testimony in
support of SJM 8016:
Send via email to
or mail to POBox 40466, Olympia,WA 98504, Attention Wanda Cahill

Please also copy testimony to WFI:

Impeachment is on the table in Washington State!
Linda Boyd

Here's the link to the David Postman blog entry that Kyle references in her email. Readers posted many comments in response, most supporting the impeachment effort. The following is pretty typical:

When my local Democratic club voted on this the vote was more than 100 in favor [of impeachment] to 1 opposed. The results seem mirrored around the state.

If we allow the current administration to repeatedly violate the law, and do nothing about it, we set the state for an unaccountable government as the norm.

We're lucky to have a Senator like Eric Oemig pushing for this.

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