Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Update on Washington State impeachment hearings

Kyle Lucas in Washington forwarded an email from Gail Johnson to follow-up to last week's hearings there calling for an impeachment investigation. (Here's some video of testimony.)

HI-- There was an overflow crowd yesterday at the hearing of SJM 8016--calling for Congress to begin impeachment investigation. Thank you all for helping out with this. The bill is impressive--a very comprehensive catalog of the alleged violations with some documentation
as to their veracity.

You can still weigh in on the memorial: please send written testimony in support of SJM 8016:
to Cahill.Wanda@leg.wa.gov

Or write Government Operations and Elections Committee, PO Box 40466, Olympia, WA 98504, Attention Wanda Cahill

We are now riding a tiger, as the cliche goes, and there is, of course, more work to be done. The companion memorial in the House HJM 4027 has 4 co-sponsors. This is huge. We did not have a companion bill last year because Sen. Murray and Rep. Inslee pleaded with the Democratic leadership in the House to stop it. Clearly, they were not successful this year in stopping impeachment.

We now need to put pressure on our Representatives in the House to hold a hearing. The legislature has cut-off dates that are used as gates. If there is no hearing before Feb.8th, the bill is essentially dead. The Democratic leadership, in particular, need to hear from us as well as Brandon Williams and Sam Hunt for those in Olympia. The leadership: Frank Chopp and Lynne Kessler are key players.

The Washington state legislature website is the starting place. Some legislators have a minor barrier to screen out non-constituents but there is an option that says that even though you know you are not in the district, you still want to send a message. It will then ask you for all the same contact info--but the email goes through.

The best emails are short statements urging them to hold a hearing on HJM 4027, the impeachment memorial. The idea is to flood their email box. Ask everyone you know from across the state to call, write, visit or email.

I posted an article about the hearing on Seattle indymedia.

Do what you can do to help.
Thank You!

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