Wednesday, September 6, 2006

November 4th: International Day of Climate Action

Create a local AfD action with local and regional allies on November 4th - the second International Day of Climate Action. Last year, on the first International Day on December 3rd, there were actions around the world in at least 20 countries, with approximately 100,000 people participating.

November 4th was chosen by groups worldwide because it is the weekend right before a major United Nations International Conference on Climate Change in Nairobi, Kenya.
Last year, AfD's North Bridge chapter hosted a talk with Ross Gelbspan, author and journalist, who has written widely on climate change (see His talk, which focuses on how the energy industry frames the debate on global warming, is available on DVD from AfD's national office. Email the office at to find out more about getting a copy for broadcast on local cable or at a houseparty or meeting.

The US Climate Change Coalition, which includes AfD, will call for Congressional action on the climate crisis and work for a strong voter turnout on Nov. 7 to elect candidates who support climate justice and clean energy. Where does your candidate stand? To encourage your candidates to support climate protection, see the Climate Crisis Coalition website, which features resources for local organizing on the Kyoto Global Warming Treaty. The US Climate Emergency Council is also an excellent resource for information about national actions, local organizing, and the science of climate change.

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