Thursday, September 4, 2008

Reminder: Two great films on election protection are making the rounds...make sure you see them before it's too late!

Make it a point to see these films soon, and to bring as many people as you can, especially if they're still not sure anything crooked happened in the last few elections.

Stealing America: Vote by Vote is currently playing in selected cities. Make sure to check the film's website and if it's anywhere near you, go. In Cambridge, Mass., members of Election Defense Alliance have been doing Q&A sessions after some of the screenings and have found many people willing to take some pre-emptive actions to prevent election theft. Visit their website for much more information, action suggestions, and links to other national and state-level election protection groups. You can also sign up as a potential independent election exit poll or ballot count volunteer.

If you need another reason to see Stealing America, ask yourself how often a good documentary on a very timely national issue makes it into a "real" movie theater? Support this one now, and you may see more in the future.

And we've posted a few clips from Uncounted: The New Math of American Elections; here's a final one. This film is being screened "houseparty" style, so check their website for screenings in your area, or look up the film at Brave New Theaters. In the trailer, please make a note of the actions you can take to help safeguard the integrity of your vote and the votes of your fellow citizens. Make sure you do at least one of these actions before November (and check out the actions at Election Defense Alliance, too). Democracy protection is everyone's responsibility.

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